wire2netllc exists at the crossroads of Program Management, Telecommunications, to include Cyber Security Solutions, and Administrative Support programs. We understand that organizations achieve their mission and businesses are profitable, when projects have completion rates that meet or exceed time, budget and resource parameters.

wire2netllc can help you meet your goals.

We possess the Program Management expertise to implement and support your vision and objectives, and facilitate program teams to achieve organizational strategies. We offer cost-competitive and reliable Telecommunications – voice and data services that allow organizations to stay connected and remain productive. Built from the ground up, our Telecommunications service offerings include voice communications, data networking and Internet, managed and cloud services, colocation and equipment, and voice and data bundles. wire2netllc’s Cyber Security Solutions protect your organization from a wide range of evolving threats. We address various security needs and have industry led partners to provide superior security solutions which include Cloud Firewall and DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) Mitigation services and Email Security.

Our cadre of Administrative Support professionals completes our service delivery catalog. We know that the best way to meet the needs of our customers is to understand their business and maintain lines of communication. We address various security needs and have partnered with industry leaders to provide customized solutions with first class customer service.